Kris Worrell


Kris has been an occupational therapist for 25 years and can't remember a time when she didn't see the world through the filter of empowering, informing, and guiding others to be independent in their lives. She graduated from the university of MN with her degree and started working with developmentally delayed adults for 2 years. This group of people is near her heart because she has a brother and an aunt who are developmentally delayed. Kris then shifted to a school job for 5 years where she saw the challenges kids faced fitting in the the large group model. Then she worked for a pediatric clinic for 9 years before starting her own 10 years ago. Kris loves the opportunity to dig beneath the surface of difficulties to try and find the core issues. To that end, she began to study RDI about 4 years ago. This has enabled her to break down the steps to flexible thinking and development of empathy-- very good things!


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